Chinese girl dating malay guy

Chinese guy dating korean girl

He hates lateness, like me. So I guess it boils down to character? My tolerance for spiciness is quite high before I met Mister but I don't deny that after meeting him, my tolerance increased even more! But Chili padi I still kanut. Which amaze me every time. And after eating at his Aunt's few years back, I start to love Ayam masak Merah!

Mister and me in terms of our skin colour. We like to make jabs at each other's races. The other day, we were walking home and there was this pungent smell of At least that's what Mister told me la. Then he said,"you know ah, last time your Husband roll around in this cos I play Soccer under the void deck.

Then how come you're not fairer??? Chlorine is you know, a kind of bleach?

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Not advisable to do that if your friends not as open minded as some of us ya! Actually, most of the racist jokes start from Mister himself, making jabs at his own race. Which makes it even funnier? I guess that's why we seem to have a lot of chemistry to some of our friends, through all these puns, jabs, arguments, fun, laughter and joy. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if it's same race, interracial, international, same sex, big gap, etc. Love is blind, but I believe through time and tests, you will know if this someone is for you or not.

I know some of you are facing tremendous stress and challenges to be with your partner and make it a forever ever story. It's not easy, having been through it myself. But it is possible. I believe in constant prayers and to always keep him in your heart. Pray that one day, you two can overcome all these challenges ahead of you now and you two can enjoy the sweet fruits of your labour in time to come.

Mister also recounted his side of story of how it's like to date a Chinese! And the Everyday life.

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  • How it's like dating a Malay - sandydandy - Dayre.

Nice to know there's people who enjoy reading! I'm dating a malay too and i can totally relate to the spice and translation part! I absolutely love how they're so family oriented: Download the app, and get updates from sandydandy. Remove this bar by logging in. How it's like dating a Malay. Most common response will be "like that lor". Of course with your current circumstances I'm not asking you to do the same.

How it's like dating a Malay

I'm dating a malay too and i can totally relate to the spice and translation part! But what surprise us the most is that he ended up with a Malay non tudung girl who's also having this Chinese mentality. Nov 15 , He's quite a shy guy! If he happens to love someone not of his common race, why would you try to find solution as to why he's not into Malays?

I agree with the rest though, pursue education and build a strong foundation. Right will come along in life later. I strongly believe that I'm responsible for my own happiness and as long as your dues are being paid to your parents, your conscience is clear. Bro, sorry for being straightforward Why is she keep starving herself?

Where did she spent with her salary?? I don't think she is good for you. With her, you keep paying her money and increasing your debt. Move on la bro. Dont care about the religions, there are tons of good woman out there.. Hi Bro I may have a a way out for you if you don't mind please contact me on My friend, hope this helps, I was in a relationship with a chinese Buddist girl before, 5 years, took alot of time for her parents to accept it, not including the other relatives but it too, ended.

I agree, it's hard and almost unbearable to see someone you broke up with, everyday, it's utterly drepressing. You did good by helping her, even when you don't have much. Not everyone can say that they would. Like you, I too, don't favour malay girls, just my preference. And now I'm in another relationship, a Christian girl. From that, I can say, these kind of relationship takes hard work, lots of convincing but for me, I feel that it's worth it.

I hope you find someone you like, regardless of race, I would say go ahead. Although you are right, convincing the partner to convert is something not to be taken lightly, when they convert, they do it for you, and you're responsible for them.

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As for your job, work is still work, I once, go 6 month without a job, but I'm now blessed with a job which pays well, although I might not like it very much, but I do it with my all, for those who I care for, family, partner. I believe your time will come too, one day. For the time being, don't give up, hope you get back on your feet soon. We're here for you,. I feel for you brother.. What is meant for you will eventually come to you.. I also not so in with Chinese gul I fell for non Chinese twice but I not going to confess or start any romantic relationship as mum side has given an early warning against interracial relationship: First crush is always unforgettable.

I can understand your feeling.

Chinese dating malay girl

This time Gudji talks about the differences between dating an Indian Girl, Chinese Girl and a Malay Girl. Want to talk to Gudji? Tweet him. Now i know a chinese guys, chinese boys like to recent research long sex anal think that i dated a chinese fat booty naked! A chinese girl dating malay girls from .

It took me around three months to get back on my feet. I'm now blessed with another good girl. So, move on if you don't have a choice. I know it is painful. May God bless you. As a chinese I respect u, think the other way, this is now part of your sweet memories. U need to move on.

How it's like dating a Malay

Don't listen to much to love songs that says love conquers all. Nov 17 , Try to get a job first bro. Think of your future first la. Do you think she wanna stay with you when you're unemployed? Why are you even questioning his preference?

Malaysian netizens fume over ‘shallow’, stereotypical article on Chinese women

If he happens to love someone not of his common race, why would you try to find solution as to why he's not into Malays? I'm worst than his case. I don't want to date Malaysians. I'm just curious as in how can one simply doesn't appeal to a whole race. To be frank, even sometime I find certain minachi to be attractive as well. However don't be too sad bro, there is always better things ahead. I also have a Malay friend who is also well versed in Chinese mainly because he studied in Chinese primary school as well.

There we always think that he already kena brain washed to have Chinese mentality so we thought he would most probably end up with a Chinese girl in future. There are of course some Chinese girls interested with him occasionally I think maybe because he looks good too. So Ts I would say let's not limit yourself on just a race and feel sad about it. There are many fishes out there still: I am right now, i mean finding a job is hard, but thats not a problem with me because i know one day im gonna find it, its just the matter of time. I just hope that shes with me whenever i need her thou, especially times like this.

Nov 18 , Mister himself is quite a "jiak kan tang Malay". Although I'm quite the same for a Chinese. And he grow up with a bunch of Chinese friends, so basically he's like a half Chinese. Hence my recount of how it's like dating a Malay may not be accurate and the same for others! Must put this disclaimer first. I felt the difference, having dated a Chinese myself in the past.

Mister is always, always looking out for me. Things that I neglect or dismiss as unimportant, Mister took note! For example, he knows I dislike boiled potatoes. If it happens that the food I'm eating has that, he'll just automatically ask if I want to switch with him or pass him the potatoes to finish up.

Or if the food I chose doesn't sit well with my palate, and I felt his was more delicious, he'll switch with me! He also took note of the time of the month and he will back off if I'm irritable easily. All couples show love in different ways. Mister shows his love through acts of service mainly. He likes to see me happy because that's what makes him happy. In the past, I was a wreck with my finances. I spent more than what I earned and was always in debt. Mister helped me out time to time by lending me and I always make it a point to pay him back once I get my pay.

He even helped me to sort out my finances and I'm really grateful for that. So he's not a flower and chocolates kind of guy. But he is definitely the say and action kind of guy. If he say he'll clean the house, he will no matter how tired he is.

He does shower me with gifts, but practical ones. Like my macbook years ago, iPad 2, iPhone 6s.. My Apple family is almost complete! I don't know if it's the kampung spirit, but I see that Mister is not the only Malay guy who puts family first, even before getting married with me. And now that I'm part of his family, I feel really blessed he places me as his priority now..

I have met Malay boys who are Super cheeky! Mister is not cheeky per se. But he's very witty. He likes to crack pun jokes and he enjoys brain teasers.

He's quite a shy guy! So I think this stereotype of Malays doesn't apply to him.