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That said, I had explicit instructions on my profile to not contact me if you live more that X amount of miles away from me. Besides that, make sure you detail in your profile anything else that might be a deal breaker like drug use, sleep farting or dirty bathrooms. As with naming any online profile, your dating handle should be no different.

Solid Game Formula For Online Dating

However, you should do your best to avoid cliched names with numbers such as BeefyBrodo15, or something like that. As you can imagine, it worked. Somedays I was seeing upwards of over visitors to my profile. Perception is reality, right?

Also, be thoughtful as to not offend anybody, as The biggest complaint I found when reading female profiles was that they loathed seeing a dude take a shirtless picture of himself in the bathroom mirror. Think about it, there are millions of guys who do this so why would you want to be another one?

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In my case, I was extremely fit at the time and I wanted to let women know that I worked really hard on my body. I wanted to show that.

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Colorings have got lots of significance on the subject of getting younger ladies. The worst thing you can do for yourself in the beginning stages is to segue from online messaging to a text message. One is a second venue to take her to if you like her. Who wrote the age: The intention is that I am the prize, and she will have to work to get me. Date weather forecasts to provide the best tinder.

It was a picture of me in swimming trunks holding my dog in front of lakeside mountain that showed me smiling. I heard no complaints. Choose your best three: Women, as we know are extremely perceptive and will sniff that stuff out in an instant. Your profile will be discarded without a second thought.

click here Every single one of my messages was written in accordance to what her profile read like. All you need is a good photo, a magazine, a scanner, and Photoshop. Write them back, bust their balls, and then write something casual like the following: My number is below.

Neil Strauss' The Game - Stylelife Academy

I only make one phone call. Break the tension right away with a pre-prepared story. Chose from any of your favorite ASF stories. Tease her a little into talking about herself, but only for a few minutes. It helps her feel rapport to talk about herself a little. Use the David DeAngelo tactic: You need to pre-plan two things: One is a second venue to take her to if you like her.

The day I went to sex therapy: an extract from The Truth, by Neil Strauss

A venue change IS key. Two, I recommend bringing friends.

Pretend like you bumped into them there, if you want. Greet her, then sit down with your friends.

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The game at first is ALL body language. Trust me on this.

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I prefer the Cube. My friend just taught me this. The dating world has changed.

How to Pick up Women with 5 Questions!

Don't get left behind. With these brand new rules and strategies, you can level up your social intelligence. The fastest results come from those who practice with an expert in your corner.


These are the only coaches in the world trained by Style himself. A master must have a mentor. Join the best and become a master at social situations and attracting your ideal mate by learning directly from Neil.